Submission requirements

Intellectual Property requirements

If  your  innovation  is  not  protected,  by  either  patent,  or  patent application,  design  rights  or  trademark,  then  you  should only disclose non-confidential information to us. We (Boots) will only sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) if we believe the innovation is of real interest to us, and does not compromise projects that we are already working on. 

Level of development

Although we are not expecting a finished product, we do expect you to have developed a ‘proof of concept’ model or prototype. We need you to provide us something which we can look at, and test. Although we are primarily interested in products that require some level of development, we will also consider finished products, providing they address a genuine beauty need in a better way than existing products.

Scientific evidence

Boots has built a reputation for developing products that really work, and so we require all submissions to be supported by robust scientific data, even if it is only preliminary in nature. All products carrying the Boots brand undergo extensive testing of claims, and we can assist in claims-substantiation for your product if necessary. We also require some evidence that the product is safe, and either has or can achieve regulatory approval.

What we do not want

  • We do not want submissions for which you either do not hold the intellectual property, or do not legally represent those who do.
  • We do not want confidential information or documents included in any initial submissions. 
  • We do not want any product ideas which are purely theoretical, without any physical product or scientific evidence.
  • We do not want marketing, advertising or business practise ideas.